Do you lock your car at night when it's parked at home?

I never do, it’s parked outside my house but down my driveway. A friend thought I was crazy for not locking it, does anyone else not lock their car?

Answer #1

At first I did when I first got my car, just cause it was new and very careful. Now I don’t.

Answer #2

I was very careful**

Answer #3

I ALWAYS lock my car. I got a new sterio system and I want to protect that baby as best as possible haha. If anyone attempted to break in they’d get MACED IN THE FACE!

Answer #4

I always lock my car at night. But then I don’t live in the best city, and even in the county we all lock our doors, windows, everything. As a rule of thumb I also park close to the garage or inside it to prevent break-ins. Now we live in a nicer neighborhood and my parents don’t lock the car doors or roll the windows up, but I still do out of force of habit.

Answer #5

i used to not but it then some guy started to break into cars around my area so i then locked it. this was a couple of years back but it is safer if u lock it. if u have any thing valuable in your car then lock it.

Answer #6

We lock everything as Australia is full of theives!

Answer #7

Yees when it’s on the driveway but when it’s in the garage we don’t.

Answer #8

Yes. Back and front doors and both cars every night. Kids as young as 7 and 8 steal things out of peoples’ cars in my street.

Answer #9

I sometimes don’t but I have an internal courtyard and you can’t see the car from the road. It’s surrounded by the house, the garage, the barn and the outbuilding. When I close the gate, no one gets in, unless they climb.

And my car is older than some of you. So I don’t think anyone would want to steal it.

Answer #10

I lock my car up whenever I get out of it, no matter where I am

Answer #11

Our car is never locked. In our little village of 600 people, it’s not car theft or break-ins we need to worry about - it’s gas siphoners, lol.

Answer #12

Nope, and I live in the city where it would be wise to do so.

Answer #13

lock it no matter what or were you are.

Answer #14

Yes I always do. Today nomatter where you are you have the danger of car thieves, bored teens looking for smokes or whatever else, and the new craze among kids “car hopping” (going thru unlocked cars to find cool things)

Answer #15

yes, but that’s the only time i lock my car.

Answer #16

I used to not lock it. I figured that if someone wanted my stereo badly enough they would get it even if they had to break a window or pry open a locked door open. My insurance policy says it will not cover theft if my doors aren’t locked so now I lock it.

Answer #17

Not when its in my garage but everywhere else as soon as I get out the car gets locked. Its not that I live in dangerous area, or my s10 is worth stealing, I’m just paranoid.

Answer #18

My car is locked as soon as I get out of it. Sometimes I lock it, forgetting the shopping and once I forgot the grandkids!!!! but only for a second or two.

Answer #19

I don’t have a car o.e But I don’t know anyone who locks their cars.

Answer #20

ya its vry important to lock the car in night

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