Could I lose my license for having people in the car when I'm not supposed to?

Thursday I picked p my 2 friends and their baby and had my boyfriend in the car well they thought it be funny to throw skittles at ppls car. So this angry guy pulls up and yells at me and my friends starts to laugh and again I had no part of and told them to stop. So he followed my took my license number and call 911 than a cop picked me up and I got a ticket for having more than 2 people in the car I was crying so I didnt get one for them throwing sh@t. Than my mom came and im in so much truble and yet I did nothing wrong at all sept picking them up so they didnt have to walk home.

What I am most sad about is the judge handeling my case hates teenage moms and im just f@cked such a bad day I dont know if this helps but im 16 and I live in ohio is there anything I can do to not loose them if I cud like a class

Answer #1

You will probably just get de-merit points. Next time don;t drive other people if you aren’t allowed yet.

Answer #2

um I don’t know if you can loose your lisense possibly for a little while or just get points taken off of it. next time don’t pick up people you shouldn’t and get firm with them when they can be with you in the car and say I’m gonna stop this car right now and if yall don’t cut it out, you can walk home! plus throwing stuff can distract drivers so be careful especially with a baby in the car. it’s YOUR responsibility.

Answer #3


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