Can you unlock your keyless entry car door remotely from a cell phone?

I just got one of those dumb emails that said if you lock your keys in the car and it a keyless entry device and you have a spare set at home. You can call home from your cell phone and have the person at home hit the keyless entry button and it will open your door. I say bullcrap!!!

Answer #1

yes that is true because OnStar has that special feature and that they will help u out. and that if you car has a keyless entry you can actually buy an App of the Iphone and then you can unlock it from that app

Answer #2

One more reason to never lose your cell phone…:)

Answer #3

HAH! I reallt thought it was BS Jeremy. I dont understand because i thought Cell phones used digital freq, and remote’s use regular radio waves. How can radio waves from a keyless entry travel from a phone through a tower and to another phone and still keep its text? I am no scientist, just doesnt seem feesable. I am going googling. :)

Answer #4

yes. i read (and tested) that you can have someone with the remote miles away. if they call you and put the remote up to the phone, and you put your phone a few inches from the car, they can unlock it from there. it has to do with frequency

Answer #5

You can using onstar but not with a person at home with another key :)

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