car trouble WWY (you) D

what would you do if you found yourself monday morning getting ready for work, walking outside to your 95 Honda Accord… then finding that during the night someone took a baseball bat to all your windows… (front driver, back driver, front passenger, back passenger, rear window, windshield, and yes… your sun roof.) it is not only an older car, but also currently requires an additional $450 worth of paperwork.. your not covered by insurance.. and your window replacement is quoted at $1500.. towing it cost $100 (because you cant drive it in current condition) and on top of all that your moving in less than a week… what would you do?

Answer #1

I would be p*ssed ofcourse. but that never solves anything. I would try and deal with one thing at a time so you don’t feel so overwhelmed, I hope you called the cops. but I am sure that was useless. Take one thing at a time, it will all come back together.

Answer #2

Ahhh wow I guess I would have to say find another car for that price and get insurance next time.

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