Do cops normally escort people who have stayed the night at jail to get their things, then escort them away from the home?

Just wondering why… And also they were supposed to be released and were free to go wherever they please, but all of a sudden they need to be escorted???

Answer #1

what do you mean ‘escort them to get their things?’

Answer #2

Take the person to where they live so they can get their belongings and leave

Answer #3

until they are on public ground atleast one cop goes with the prisoner. If not, well there are plenty of cameras watching, it also depends on the jail, criminal, and state. But where i live, yes they have to be with the inmate at all times.

Answer #4

And I second the question, why would they have to be leaving from where they live? Why would anyone have to go home to pick up stuff and then go somewhere else? I am sure this question makes sense in your head where you have all the details, but you’re going to have to share those details with us…

Answer #5

no, cops will not do that. i know that for a fact. its too much of a risk to take that criminal home then back to the crappy cell.

Answer #6

If I’m understanding your question right, they shouldn’t do that unless they’ve been given some indication that the people they’re escorting aren’t safe at home, but they need a verbal or written indication for that. Otherwise, they’re not entitled to do anything.

Answer #7

It depends on the situation…for example, in the event of a domestic violence case, they escort the prisoner to their home to collect their belongings for the protection of the victim who may still be in the home.

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