What can I do to prevent my car from being stolen?

At the moment in time my lisence is suspended and I cant drive it for the rest of the summer, so far between 8-10 people have stopped me as I was getting out of my moms car and asked how much I want for it. I have come home to young men in my drive way snooping around my car. I don’t live in a good neighbor hood and it has been stolen out of my drive way b4. I do have an alarm on it but I dont think it matters much any more sice some one has set it off already in the middle of the night. If I take off one of the tires I am afraid someone will try and flip it over. (limited funds) What can I do so my car doesn’t get stolen while I’m not home or asleep?

Answer #1

Invest in a car mobilisator, basically it’s a garget which stop the car from starting, does not allow the ignition to work and cuts the petrol from going to the motor. Most modern cars have a mobilisation built in and the car will not move without the mobilisator key because the key “talk” to the ECM. (Source: Ryan’s advice).

Answer #2

Does this work with standard cars?

Answer #3

Or if you have a car with a distributor cap setup, pull the distributor cap and remove the rotor, reassemble. It wont start then. And its a lot more subtle yanking the spark plug wires, so most people wont notice.

It wont’ stop anyone from actually breaking into your car and putting it into neutral and towing it away, but it wont start.

Answer #4

there are also devices that are connected to your cars positive battery terminal called a “battery cut-off switch.” also look into glass etching

cut-off switch: http://funadvice.com/r/bj3jc1u63 Glass Etching: http://funadvice.com/r/3jv41ojs8r

Answer #5

An immobilizer - you can have it put in in any car A gear lock

That is what all our cars over here has as standard and we have a LOT of car thefts.

Answer #6

Oh and then a tracker also works well.

Answer #7

hire some ninja’s

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