How far apart are the cones in a three point turn when trying to get your license?

I am going to be trying to get my lincese soon and the only thing I have not done yet is the three point turn. My driveway is the perfect set up for it I just need to know how far apart the cones are when they give you the test so I know where and when to turn and stuff. I don’t know if it makes a difference but it’s for the Arizona test.

Answer #1

I would think that for the state of Arizona the cones are just as spaced out as two typical parked cars are, just like any driving course.

You can be much more confident about taking your driving test if you end up watching these videos before you do so: You’ll know what to expect, so that its far less likely that you’ll fail the driving test.

Answer #2

I got my Arizona license. The cones are somewhat close together. If I were you, I would go to an empty parking lot and practice there. That’s how much room they kinda give you. Similar to a parking space. Maybe a Little more.

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