What age is it legal where you are to get your license?

It’s your 15th bday here, and I’ve heard some things about having to wait until you are 16 in the US?

Answer #1

We have to wait till we 18 in South Africa. We can get our learners license at the age of 16 but we have to be accompanied by a licensed driver.

Answer #2

It depends on which state you are in the US. You can get your permit at 15 1/2 in Washington (where i live) and license at 16 i believe but it varies from state to state

Answer #3

Here in Tennessee, you can get your permit at 15, then get your license at 16.

Answer #4

In south africa you get your learners at 17, license at 18. And I know in Florida you can get it at 16, since the states have joined the learners with the license.

Answer #5

You get your learners at 17, not 16.

Answer #6

In my country, it is 17. But in the area where public transportation is not that good, high school students are allowed.

Answer #7

Well i know in canada its you can get your learners at 16 (15 in some places) but you need to have a year of practice with an adult until you get your N.

Answer #8

In Germany, you can get a learners license (where you have to ride with an adult passenger who owns a full license) at 17. And you can get a full license at 18.

Answer #9

You can get your provisional and lessons at 17 but you can’t take the test till 18

Answer #10

It is 16 here and you get a learners permit first for 6 months. After that you can take your driver’s test.

Answer #11

In Norway it’s 18, and you can start driving at 17 together with someone who’s had the license for 5 years. But the worst part here, is that it is so damn expencive. You can easy get up to 5000 US$ to get your drivers license, some people even more, depending of how good/bad you are as a driver, and how many lessons you need.

Answer #12

are you sure? i passed at 17, unless its changed :S

Answer #13

16 and 18

Answer #14

Oh my gosh. Here, NZ, it is 15 when you get your learners and you can drive with somebody who has had their license for 2 years. It only costs about $70 ($50 US) for each license part (3 parts) and most people don’t get proper ‘lessons’… so it only ends up costing a few hundred lol. When you get your restricted license (part 2) you can drive by yourself.

Answer #15

In Texas, you can qualify for a hardship (permit) at fifteen, and after six months of having it you can get your license. If you do not qualify for the hardship you have to wait until you are sixteen with drivers education courses.

Answer #16

where i live in Canada, you can go for your learners at 15½-16, wait 9 months, and then you can go for your actual drivers license.

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