how old were you when you got your first car and who paid for it?

Answer #1

I haven’t got one yet, but soon as I turn 17 my nan’s buying me a car :) I hope it’s a good’un! I think my dad’s pitching in a bit, but I know I’m not paying for it. It’s between my nan and my dad

Answer #2

I was seventeen and it was my Xmas present. My parents found a Suzuki Vitara for cheap at an auction and got it for me. It was a solid vehicle and amazing on gas.

Answer #3

my mom paid for my first car, but it was only 300….not bad it only had 50,000 miles on it and great on gas, i was 16.

Answer #4

I was 18 and I got it because we needed it for me to get to university. It was a second hand city gholf and my dad paid for it. I still have it and will keep it until it breaks.

Answer #5

My parents helped me out with my car-A Chevy Cobalt that I got when I was 18. They paid for it, but I fill up the tank. Cobalt’s are actually pretty cheap, too, only like $11,000. I love it :)

Answer #6

When I was a senior in high school my parents got a new car and let me use their ‘73 Ford LTD since they were tired of driving me everywhere. Not really my car but mine to use that year.

In college I didn’t have a car since everything was within walking or bicycling distance and a car would have been expensive and more bother than it was worth. When I was 24 I bought my 1st car for $350 from a Baptist preacher I knew. It was an old ‘79 Honda Civic with 128K miles on it. Years later he saw me still driving the old Civic and said that if he had any idea it would last that long he would have asked more for it.

Answer #7

That’s so not cheap for a first car! You’re lucky :)

Answer #8

Very lucky!

Answer #9

I was 18. My parents bought it for me, but only because they had made a deal with me that if I got straight A’s in school for the whole last year they would buy me a car. So I did my last year, and the next year I got my license ( I didn’t want to get it until I turned 18, I was nervous) and we went and bought my first car a purple 94 chevy cavalier for $4,000. I loved that car. About 3 years later I sold the car to my brother and got myself a 2000 Chevy Cavalier bright blue, that car was my baby until I had another baby (along with my oldest) and I had a St. Bernard who just couldn’t fit in the car anymore (I traveled a lot to and from my home to visit my parents). So I had to trade it in for an SUV. =( I still miss both of my cavaliers, they were good cars.

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