Good value first car?

Hey im going to be looking for my first car soon an I need som ideas of some good first cars. I estimate my maximum price that I will pay for a car to be $20,000. I need a car that has a low fuel consumption an is reliable. I live in australia so any cars that I can get in australia would be helpful but I suppose I could import a car from another country.

Answer #1

honda civic, toyota corolla or camry, they are both really dependable and safe and they are great on gas. I know that the 2009 corolla is about $18,000 fully loaded and gets about 37 mpg. which is amazing. You can get a camry for about 21,000 with just the standard options and the gas is about 30mpg..still really good. And the civic is about comparable to the corolla and the accord to the camry.

Answer #2

I got the camry, it’s a pretty good car, reliable and cheap… good mpg…

Answer #3

Chevy Cobalt- Better gas mileage than Corolla or Camry and no nasty recalls. It also gets better mileage than the Civic. Corolla is offically 35mpg, EPA, Cobalt XFE is 37.

Ford Fusion is a midsize car, North American car of the year, and gets 42 mpg. Midsize cars are more expensive but that would be the opttimum gas mileage.

Answer #4

The best choice that I could think of would be the Mahindra Xylo. If I were you, I would check out Mahindra Xylo at This is the most reliable car I could ever imagine. Great experience with Mahindra Xylo. I highly recommend this.

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