What's a good car for a sixteen year old?

Price doesn’t matter but I want a fairly new car, I want it to be cool looking and I want it to be sturdy because I plan on crashing it >.< lol.

Answer #1

ur dads old one:P hehe

Answer #2

Ew no : / it’s like this black SUV it looks like a r*pist car and I don’t want a hand-me-down car O.o

Answer #3

Thats what im trying to figure out -_- Ive been car shopping for 2 weeks & have found NOTHING i like :/

Answer #4

LMFAOOOO well if u plan on crashing then y not?

Answer #5

You dont plan on crashing it you plan on being “crashed” in the back seat of it :O A fairly new car isnt really suitable for a new driver. You need a little $500 beater car.

Answer #6

i got my dads old VW jetta

Answer #7

stay away from corsa’s they are underpowered get a land rover :D


Answer #8

Ew no O_O why isn’t it suitable?

Answer #9

OMG lol I got that crashed joke you’re funny XDDD

Answer #10

I don’t want an old car though lol if I crash it I can just get a new one but I don’t want my dads car.

Answer #11

lolz u cud have my dads old Mercedes b200:P

Answer #12

Lol I don’t know what that is >.<

Answer #13

I don’t want an old car >.< and I don’t know what that is lol I only know the names of cars I don’t know styles or anything.

Answer #14

naww its pretty much new tho lolz he rode it once!

Answer #15

its a vauxhall corsa my mum has one and its crap you should get a ford fiesta or somthing theyre cool :)


Answer #16

<3 michie :L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L:L


Answer #17

and the newer the car the more youll have to pay for insurance and theyll cost way more to get fixed if you crash


Answer #18

Meh. I want a BRAND new one :P

Answer #19


Answer #20

Lol like I said money doesn’t matter :P

Answer #21

I kind of want a convertible.

Answer #22

omgosh my dad has an MG and its sooooooo cute but i cant remember what model it is but its fu*king fast as hell :D


Answer #23

in that case hold out for a lambo :D


Answer #24

if money doesn’t matter than just, look up a car website and look for something comfortable and good looking. I would suggest something not to big though xD

Answer #25

I was lucky enough to get my aunt’s Ford Escort. I think it’s a pretty decent car to start out with and would suggest it to any teen who wants a simple car ^_^

Answer #26

If you want a BRAND NEW car, then ya gotta go to a dealer ship and check those out :P but please please please try to avoid the car dealers, they will say anything to get you to buy something

Answer #27

Dude i got a giant dodge durango like 2 days ago no lie. I love it. Its big and sturdy and can run over everybody else. plus my mom got the price down to 2750. sound system is great. a V8 engine. god i love it.

Answer #28

Thanks :) but I looked at pictures of it and I don’t really like what it looks like.

Answer #29

Euan… why do you always end your comments with an E? lol ive just noticed it

Answer #30


Answer #31

E=Euan, and it’s because he’s amazing :)

Answer #32

Okay, here’s my personal opinion, also kind of biased on my experiences, just so you know. Yes, you want a vehicle that’s good on gas, but in all honestly I would suggest putting safety first. My first vehicle was a Suzuki Vitara, the year was ninety something, not too sure and I’m so glad that was my first vehicle. Roll bars are your friend when you roll something four times. It was actually pretty good on gas too, maybe something like that, just with a little more weight perhaps.

Answer #33

ok you want a new car as well as it being safe and sturdy. CBS did a report. here are the safest cars for teens:

Small sedans: Hyundai Elantra SE (2008-2010), Mazda3 (2007 - ), Scion xB (2008 - ) Midsized sedans: Acura TSX (2004-), Honda Accord (2008 - ), Kia Optima (2007 - ) Small SUVs: Honda CR-V (2005 - ), Nissan Rogue (2008 - )

also look into the 2010 Honda accord EX

Answer #34

:D thanks connor :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Answer #35

i just thought if your small and you get a defender you wont be able to work the clutch XDXDXDXDXDXDXD coz i can just push the bugger down :L


Answer #36


Answer #37

i am in the same situation, im 16 and i just bought a new car, the range rover sport in whitel, but it would make a nice car for you, in another color, if you say price doesnt matter.

Answer #38

i just turned 16 and i got a mustang,i love it.

Answer #39

For a beginner, you need a decent, yet not expensive car. I drive a 2001 Infiniti I30, and despite it being old, it’s luxury, so if I crash it, I’m screwed in the insurance department.

You also have to consider the fact that you’ll be driving this to school. This means you’ll encounter numerous wannabe’s thinking they have the car from The Fast & The Furious and will try to race you. If you race, your chances of crashing has doubled. Also, driving as a teen is not ‘fun’ it’s work. As a beginner, you have to keep alert for those crazy teens I mentioned and for the speed laws on the road. You might think it’s easy, but it’s harder when you’re behind the wheel.

If you’re looking for a nice foreign car, I’d say a 2000-05 Honda Civic or Accord, 2004-06 Scion xB, or xD/xA, 2000-03 Toyota Camry, Avalon, or Corolla will suit your needs. They’re not fast but not slow either, not luxury, but not basic crap either. It all depends how well you drive as a whole that makes the difference. People laugh at me when I drive an ‘01 I30 compared to their ‘08 Dodge Chargers, but I know how to drive and they don’t. Their car has like a million dents, whereas my car is spotless (after fixing the dents, lol).

Answer #40

ford escort sport or voltswagon jetta both get close 400 miles to a tank of gas they are a mid size care

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