how can i ask my 32 year old cousin for her car?

(a 2008 honda) specially when i dont have a job right now, but i will get a job and try to pay her in payments.

Answer #1

First, get the job. The economy is HORRIBLE and if I were your cousin, I’d not give somebody my car based on a vague promise.

Then, once you know what day you’re starting, ask your cousin for a ride…after they know the job is stable, you can ask.

Keep in mind, if they didn’t buy the car with cash, they’re still making payments, and their contract won’t allow them to sell it to you for anything less than a full payment upfront.

Answer #2

but even if im always helping her and never asked to get paid… and there done with the payments… and i do need a car to get a job right?

Answer #3

No, you need a job to get a car. There’s always public transportation. And, you’re saying that they OWE you about 15K worth of favors for stuff you’ve done for them? Sorry, well, my family doesn’t work that way, maybe yours is different though.

Answer #4

yeah i guess your right but… dont you think maybe they might trust me… i will do everything i can to pay them back as quick as posiable and not only that my older brother would help..

Answer #5

Look: you wanted advice? You got it :) It doesn’t mean you’ll LIKE the advice you get…it means that if I answer something, I try as hard as I can to give an answer that’s close to what I perceive the situation to be. Fact is, the unemployment rate is 10% or more…don’t let the government stats fool you. Do you REALLY think that it’s responsible to enter into a repayment contract, BEFORE you have the means to execute such repayment? Besides which: if you don’t have a job, you don’t need a car :) APPLYING for jobs doesn’t require a car, really, as you can always borrow it for the interview, assuming you land one.

Answer #6

sorry t o sound like if i didnt like your advice…. thank you for the advice

Answer #7

No worries, happy to help :) Even if you’re family is willing to let you make a potentially huge mistake…imho, you shouldn’t go ahead & make it. Good luck.

Answer #8

I definately agree with Jeremy. Aside from actually paying your cousin for the car, you will need money to actually run the car

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