What was your first car?

I’d just like to know any details about your first Car, like the price you paid, the year the car was made, how long you owned it for, if it was a 2 seater, etc so what can you tell me about the first car you ever owned?

Answer #1

My first car was a ‘88 Honda civic CRX. Good on gas but had little power. Then had a ‘95 Mazda Miata,’96 Chevrolet Lumina and now have a ‘07 Honda Fit.

Answer #2

I was a Sophmore in highschool, and my dad gave my twin sister and I a brand new 1965 Ford Mustang…light blue, dark blue interior…I LOVED that car!


Answer #3

mmm I had a jeep wrangler …I paid I think like 3000 …I took it everywhere till it started to cough up blood then it die …

Answer #4

I had a jeep Cherokee from 1993 it was red and seated 4 I payed 1500 for it and it was in super good shape :) I owned it for like 3 years I believe

Answer #5

My first was a Toyota Corolla, new back in about 1973. It was fitted with a useless air-conditioner which was necessary in the area we were living in at the time.

Latest motor is a 1988 Volvo 240. Nice motor I got earlier this year, despite a virtually useless air-conditioner, and it replaced a rusty old 1978 Toyota Celica which failed it annual roadworthy!

Answer #6

1996 (year? maybe 94, not sure) Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab (front seats and back). It was bright blue and my father had it, so he just gave it to me. First car I ever paid for was a 99 Mustang GT, 4 seats, green, financed it for $6-7k when I was 18. I had the truck from age 16 until then, and then I only owned the Mustang for a year before buying an 05 GT instead. Now I own 2 mustangs :)

Answer #7

Suzuki Vitara, I’ve never found a picture of the exact model I had, and the only clear photo I have of it is of it is like four months after I got it, after rolling it four times. My parents found it fairly cheap at an auction, so they got it for me for Christmas, so I can’t say I know the price. It had five seats and a storage are (I can’t think of what it’s called at the moment) It was an alright vehicle, just a little too light, I made sure to get a sturdy vehicle after that and it’s been doing me fine =)

Answer #8

I am to young but I hope to get one when I turn 16

Answer #9

My first car was the Mitsubishi Eclipse in 2003 - beautiful little car. I think I paid $25k in total, if I remember correctly. I had it for about five years - very smooth ride, four-seater - definitely worth a looksie.
Good luck!

Answer #10

i had a 1976 chevy camaro <3 then i sold it for a galant :/

Answer #11

i had a 1976 chevy camaro <3 then i sold it for a galant :/

Answer #12

i recently got my car a 1995 mitsubishi eclipse i bout it for $500 my dad payed 300 and i payed to hundred. this car was in horible condition but my dad knew how to fix it… i like it. it has that racer kind of feeling to it. only bad part is ppl complain that its a small car so people that are about 5 foot 7 wont like it. you gotta put the 91 gas (the gas that cost the most) umm in these cars u have to take very very very good care of them becuase they will brake down on you… what u gotta do is have a spare of everything that ur car has from sensors to car handles because there eventually will be something wrong with it… best way to get used stuff is at the junk yard less expensive and parts work out great… but over all its a great car i love it and its worth it. just take good care of it and you can go anywhere.

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