What kinda car

What kinda car should I get for my first car but im a very skilled driver so no bullshit @ss cars made in 02 or less I need somethim fast too I love to go fast thats how my because got his first speedin ticket yesterday its in the family to go fast

Your first or your last…

Answer #1

“what should I get for my first car?” …”I got my first speeding ticket yesterday” “im a very skilled driver”

…sry, but people like you are a huge cause of accidents… teenagers that think they’re invincible… get a head on your shoulders… drive the damn speed limit… and get a job to save money and earn your car…lol then we’ll talk about “bullshit cars”.

because right now, you seem like an ignorant teenager that thinks they’re living in a “fast and furious” movie. grow up.

Answer #2

well I got a high pro mustan xD top speed 160.

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It completely depends on you, which type of car you like to drive. If you are looking for stylish and luxury cars then go with Mahindra Xylo. Its designs are so trendy that it attracts almost everyone’s view. For more detail visit mahindraxylo.net

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