New car regrets?

Last year, I bought my first brand new car. It was great, for a while. Then the novelty wore off and now, even though it’s only a year old, I’m a bit bored with it. Has anybody else had new car regrets before?

Answer #1

one thing I learned as a child, “don’t smash your toy just because someone has a bigger one”………….you have to be content with what you buy, because most of us inevitably move up in the world, you have something to look forward to, but just cursing urself of why you got that car is not the problem, a car is a car, unless you are a big car enthusiast, and can afford 15-16 cars at a time……..then you can do whatever you want, but with the rest of us, you don’t lose sight of what makes you well, YOU………..that car is not only a car anymore, but its your car, its got an identity…..

yes some ppl have regrets because they moved into car buying hastily…….in other words they didn’t get what they wanted and now are stuck with a lemon……if thats the case with you, i’d just trade it in for another atleast you get to pick somewhat what you are looking for this time around, then again it also matters for ppl who are married or haul stuff around to fill their needs, sometimes needs take priority over the ideal car a person wants, sure alot of us would like to roll around in souped up old school barracudas, darts, new marcielago, SLR McLaren, the viper……..and so on so forth, you get my point I think and i need to stop listing my dream collection of toys…….ok, well so to answer ur question some ppl have regrets some don’t, I myself have had 3 cars, 2 old, 1 new…..but don’t have regrets cuz I keep it clean and keep the engine in perfect condition………

hope this helps……happy thanksgiving

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