Is $500 a fair price for a tune up and an oil change?

I think it’s pretty excessive, myself.

Answer #1

WoW. I don’t even work in Dollars and find it beyond exessive. Get a quote from another place.

Answer #2

Rip off is more like it. I can understand where the economy is, but that much for both of them at the same time is just wrong.

Answer #3

Please tell me you are kidding!!! I never pay over 30 dollars for an oil change.

Answer #4

what is that in real money :P


Answer #5

I would say that is way expensive.

Answer #6

a tune up should be anywhere from 150-200Dollars & an Oil Change should be no more than 60Dollars. So 260Dollars for both. Thats double the price of what my aunt pays.

Answer #7

yes of course it is how cheap do you think things are these days man. thats cheap for a tune up and a oil change.

Answer #8

no it is not!

Answer #9

Depends on what type of vehicle and what all they include in the tune up. An oil change should only be $20 to $40 of that. If you drive a Beamer that might be in line. In a Chevy maybe not.

Answer #10

It actually depends on the vehicle, and on the brand of parts used. There is no way a tune up on a typical basic vehicle manufactured in the last ten years, should run $500! I have a 1995 Caprice Classic ex-police car and tune-ups on it do run about $500, largely because I use very high-end plug wires and plugs, etc. and because it is a high-performance, carbureted vehicle. Definitely get a couple more estimates elsewhere. You should probably not have to pay more than $100 for a tune-up.

Answer #11

I honestly don’t know, but if I were in your shoes, I would defiantly check around, and get estimates from different places. Then see which is cheaper.

I guess it depends on the type of car, and where you live. =/

Answer #12

Try buying the oil… sparkplugs… wires… filters… etc yourself… whatever parts your estimate has listed from a parts house. This will allow you to see how much of a mark up your mechanic is charging you… don’t forget the oil disposal surcharge. I always supply my mechanic with my own parts for the job if I can’t do the job myself.

A typical oil change and tune up can be done at home in under an hour… a decent shop can handle the same job quicker… but most have a one - two hour minimum job fee.

You’d be surprised how much money you can save with a minimal amount of mechanical know how and effort if you tried.

Answer #13

R U kidding yur getting ripped off? a good one is finding a husband and saving like 60-70% on all of it those things we learned growing up. I’ve done it to help others now my wife knows how to do it! She Wont but she tells me i do a dam fine job

Answer #14

Are you saying I need a husband to deal with these types of situations? For the record…it’s not my question, it’s a Twitter question that I thought I’d share here to see what people answer.

Answer #15

Sorry Colleen i ment no offense to u in general but this is my opinion and this is the internet!

Answer #16

I think you are implying that women can’t handle these things on their own, and that is quite enough to offend me…you’re wrong, by the way.

Answer #17

I don’t agree that women can’t handle these things without a man to take care of it ..but sad to say I have seen it where I use to work my boss would tack on about 20% just because he could ..yes $500 sounds pretty steep price for the work that was done

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