How to get oil out of the windshield wiper fluid reservoir in my car?

my dad put oil in a container that said windshield wiper fluid and i didnt know it was oil until i emptied out the container into my windshield wash reservior. i dont know what to do. please help with the easiest way to get it out.

Answer #1

You can try and siphon it out with a hose but you could get it in your mouth so maybe not. Let’s see…..ok, take a garden hose and just flush it out with water. Put the hose in and just keep running the water as the reservoir overflows until you are satisfied that you have it all out (put some plastic, cardboard, a bucket or something down on the ground underneath to keep the oil from soaking into the ground and contaminating the soil) Then, you can use the fresh water up by using the windshield washer and adding washer fluid in with it as needed.

Answer #2

use a syringe or turkey baster! LoL don’t siphon it out!

Answer #3

First thing I’d do is not let your dad touch things under the hood anymore. Second thing I’d do is call around different junkyards and see if they have an entire washer fluid system for your make and model and year of car. Then replace it with that.

Answer #4

why wouldn’t i let my dad touch things anymore? the gas and oil mix was from the broken lawn mower. my dad is actually a really good mechanic….

but anyway, we siphoned it out and washed it out multiple times with dish soap and water and its all good now. :) thank you for your advice anyway guys.

Answer #5

someone did that exact thing on a car, and brought it to my dad (who owns a mechanic shop). We just took hot water (as hot as you can get it) and poured it in. The oil breaks loose from the plastic of the reservoir and floats atop the water. pushing it out. then you just push your windshield button to run out all the oil from the hoses and spout. works quite swell :D

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