What short of oil do you run in your car/truck, and what kind of car/truck is it?

I run Castrol High Millage (comes in a green bottle) in my 1990 s-10 with about 115,000 miles on it.

Answer #1

castrol magnatec 10w-40

Answer #2

Im a stereotypical girl. I dont buy oil or put my own oil in my car, my fiance does. I know its a silver bottle and its 10w-40 though lol. Oh, and i drive a 1997 Honda Accord Lx

Answer #3

Oh yah forgot to mention I run 10w-40 also.

Answer #4

Motoröl Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel SAE 5W-40

Landrover with a turbo diesel motor.

Answer #5

I normally run forestry trucks and I use best engine oils in it. For details please visit: [link removed]

Answer #6

115k for an S10 is just breaking it in. Sure, use the high mileage stuff if you want to but you’re just flushing money down the toilet. I don’t know which engine you have in yours, as there were two for the S10, a 4 cyl and a V6, so I can’t say which oil to use.

Answer #7

its a 4.3L V6, and while I have to agree 115K miles on it is practically brand new, paying an extra $4 for a 5qrt jug twice a year is worth it if the engine last longer. And anything over 100k is technically a high millage vehicle.

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