Can you change the transmision of a jeep wrangler?

I want to know if there is such a thing in changing a manual transmition into a automatic. Im pretty sure you could but, I would want to know how much do you think it would cost and how long it would take? Please and thankyou P.s. Would you recomend a changing a transmission? O and what would you perfer a manual or auto?

Answer #1

I’ve never driven a manual, but I think that when I learn I’ll probably prefer it over automatic.

You can’t technically change a manual trans into an auto, you have to take out the transmission and put in an automatic. I know this involves patching the hole in the floor where the stick used to be, modification or replacement of the clutch… more work than the jeep is probably worth moneywise. To replace a transmission or clutch, its about $1200 bucks. $2400 if you do both. And thats just in a ford, the price could be different for a Jeep. Everything listed and I’m sure more would need to be done. Better off buying another Jeep and selling this one if manual trans is an issue.

Take into consideration the age of it, mileage, and what its really worth. Don’t go by KBB numbers either, those are outrageously off most of the time. Any more questions just write em on my profile (in regards to this).

Answer #2

Google your question. You will bring up about a bazillion Jeep hobby/mechanic forums. That’s how I do my own work on my 4Runner. (Except I go into Toyota 4Runner forums, obviously.)

Answer #3

It probably doesn’t take long, but it’ll cost you A LOT…I’d say $2500 minimum, unless you’re doing it yourself.


Answer #4

You can turn anything into an automatic or a stick, just depends on the tranny. Your jeep most likely needs an AW4 tranny to change it to Auto, but youll also need the ECM flashed and the shifter assembly itself.

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