Petrol Prices

Do they really effect you?

Answer #1

not to bad, I have a commute of 20 miles to work, 20 miles back. But I drive a 4 cilinder so thats about 5 bucks a day. but when my car was in the shop and I had to drive my bros V8 caprice, it seriously killed my wallet. I don’t know how people can afford to drive big vehicles

Answer #2

well maybe a couple of extra dollars at the pump isnt a big deal (although it’s killing me) but everything else goes up too… (just look at plane tickets) and that’s what hits hard…

Answer #3

Gas prices are indeed high. My old car required filling up once per week, and that was around $55 each time.

I bought a new car (Toyota Prius). Now I fill up once every two weeks for around $35

So I did not even realize how expensive it was until I got the new car.

Answer #4

The price doesn’t affect me personally, as I don’t drive, but I’m noticing less cars on the road,a and more people using public transport, biking or walking. That’s gotta be good for the environment, as it cuts down on air pollution.

Answer #5

Anyone who says gas prices do not effect them is unaware of a big issue. Go to the grocery store tomorrow and check the price of milk. Then try to find a recipt from april or may of las year. You should notice almost a dollar ten difference. This is because of the oil price. I was in the grocery store yesterday and actually heard the same comments made about the food items as people say about Gas. I don’t drive personally, I’ve always used a bike or public transport, but let me tell you the prices on oil effect every food item or inventory item around because they have to be trucked from somewhere.

Answer #6

high fuel prices have an effect on everyone’s life whether they drive or not. food prices rise with higher fuel prices. the transport companies have to raise their prices to cover the extra fuel costs. air travel prices increase. clothing goes up. everything that must be delivered increases in cost. higher taxes to help cover the additional cost of fuel for government vehicles including police and fire. truckers lose their jobs because they can’t afford to fill their trucks. businesses close because they can’t raise prices high enough to compensate for the increased price of goods and because people can’t afford the little extras and quit shopping. almost everything in your life is effected in one way or another by high fuel prices. there is also good that results from the higher fuel prices. alternative fuel research gets the needed funding. people start to think about their driving habits. they begin to ride bikes or walk to run errands. we start to use mass transit. and high fuel prices will hopefully make people rethink the need to drive gas guzzling cars, trucks and suvs.

Answer #7

I put so much fuel into my car every week its not even funny. You do all the little runs around town and you go through more that way than a long run. Between myself and hubby it kills us.

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