What are gas prices going to do this summer?

Are we looking at prices as high as they where in 2008?

Answer #1

I was talking with my brother -n- law and he seems to think that gas will go up to $5 this summer.

Answer #2

Not in Canada lol

Answer #3

Sadly, unless things setlle down in the Middle East, I belive it will be as bad as 2008 if not worse. The prices are already starting to go up. The price of oil here has sky rocketed. We got our oil tank (for heat) filled in november it cost $600, we got it filled last week it cost $900!! OUCH! That an unbelievably ridiculous increase! If the gas prices shoot up like that, we will definitely be cutting down on our camping trips. : (

Answer #4

Yes I know, I am glad I live in Texas for that reason, if I run out of fuel, I won’t freeze.

Answer #5

i heard about 5$ a gallon : /

Answer #6

Prices for gas and petrol aren’t going to get lower, they will just keep on rising as we’re getting shorter and shorter on these materials. So yes, it probably will as high or even higher than it was

Answer #7

well right not gas prices in Florida are 3.50 and they’ve been going higher every week so its not going to stop

Answer #8

I know, and I have to run premium in my cars, it sucks.

Answer #9

its sad cause my dad is trading in his car :( and i was supposed to get it for my 16th birthday or my moms and its a ferrari just because of the stupid gas prices and then my mom got a land rover last christmas and shes trading it in too:( their at the dealership right now so i have no idea what cars their getting i was to mad to go with them stupid gas prices

Answer #10

A Land Rover and a Ferrari? My dad just totaled the only car we have paid off, and we can’t afford a new one. I’d kill to be in your situation right now. At least they’ll still have cars.

Answer #11

Well my high performance pinto is getting to hard to fill up, I think I am going to trade it in for a go-kart.

Answer #12

Either that or a bicycle.

Answer #13

Yes, but I am lazy, they do have them little electric motors you can put on them, just our way to stick to big oil.

Answer #14

Unfortunately, until things settle down in the Middle East, petrol prices are set to continue rising. Where I live, yesterday the price of 91 Octane petrol was $1.45 a litre and gas usually costs about half that even tho’ all the gas sold in Australia comes from Australian gas fields.

Answer #15

Right, Chris!! It’s in the 80’s here in december! lol

Answer #16

That reminds me of Germany in 2000, I would not want to buy fuel there now.

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