How do you think this will effect our planet?

Did you know that The moon is drifting away from Earth? Every year the moon moves about 3.8cm further away from the Earth. This is caused by tidal effects. Consequently, the earth is slowing in rotation by about 0.002 seconds per day per century. How do you think this will effect our planet?

Answer #1

Not to worry, God is still in control.

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Actually, since God gave us free will, God is not completely in control, is he? Of course, God can intervine at anytime, but still.

Answer #3

actually if this keeps up in a couple 100 years the earth could be thrown off its axis and hurdle towards the sun: [ we just talked about that in biology

Answer #4

Oi some people would think that the apocalypse wouldn’t matter because God is in control. Or a monsoon, or tidal wave or hurricane that wipes us out and causes immense suffering. If God is in control, does this mean we shouldn’t try to predict and run from these natural disasters?

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well as you know the plannet just spins on an axis, take that away & it’s jjust tumnling along rolling on it’s orbit not to mention it hold sway over the ocean tides, that wont be good, either they’re be outta control, or there mightnot be any at all.

Answer #7

..lots of confusing info

Answer #8

I want a scientific point of veiw.

Answer #9

To go back to before “andyburton and amblessed” jumped your question off the track. As you said, the days get a bit longer, so one outcome will be longer days :) . It will lessen tide patterns but in many many years (think 10 to the power).

I understand that you feel evangerlising is important, but leave it to the religion section.

Answer #10

once the moon stops orbiting us in like millions of years all planet will stop rotating adn yoi better hope your on the day side nto the night side

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