Polar shift in 2012 on Earth?

astronomers predict in 2012 there will be a pole sfift of something like that. People say its going to be very severe and dangerous! I’m pretty worried about it. Is what people are saying true? Will we be in danger that day?

Answer #1

Its more likely we are going to kill ourselves because of how we treat Earth. But yes I heard that the end of the world is December 21 2012 Return of Jesus? maybe (unlikely to me…) meteroid? more likely nuclear war? even more likely global warming? yes

Answer #2

well I heard that like 1000 years ago fortune tellers predicited that the world wil lend at 2012 but seriously you actually think we’re bound to meet our fate that soon? and besides even if we do you just gotta live life like its the last day of YOUR life and we have about four years to go which is like… what? 4 times 365 um… a long time lol

Answer #3

I really don’t know!! I can’t predict the future!!

Answer #4

hmm, havn’t heard of that yet but I say bring it on. im ready, are you?

Answer #5

the worlds going to end in 2012 on dec 21

Answer #6

OK, let’s get a few facts straight. What scientists are predicting is that the sun’s poles will reverse, not the earth’s. The sun’s poles already reversed in 2001. This is a normal part of the solar cycle, which lasts 11 years. That means the next one is due in 2012. These pole reversals usually happen at the peak of a solar maximum, which means there are a lot of sunspots and increased solar wind. Solar activity, as you may know, can pelt the earth with radiation and ionized particles which disrupt everything from satellite activity to power plant operation. Depending on the severity, they can cause power outages, disrupt communication, and may interfere with high flying aircraft or spacecraft. This is why the solar maximum is always a little more risky time of year. Since we’re more dependent on satellite technology now than ever before, there could obviously be some big inconveniences. But not the downfall of civilization.

The earth’s poles reverse as well, the last one happened about 750,000 years ago. A polar reversal on earth would definately disrupt life as we know it, but nobody knows when they will happen. It is impossible to predict.

The world is not going to end in 2012, despite whatever propaganda you may have heard.

Answer #7

dont listedn to funadvice but yes our poles are going to shift in 2012 its happened many times before everytime our magnetic field go weak then it starts to get stronger scientist predict with the extra exposure to uv waves100,000 more people on the planet will die from cancer but out of 6million people on this planet the chances your one of them is slim to none but it happens every 200,00 years or so and our world has been through 300 of them and its still around so dont be scared of our poles shifting and hey without a magnetic field for 100 years every day your be able to see the northen lights every day no matter where you are

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