What are the best guidelines in creating a product demo video?

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When planning to make a product demo video, try to seek advice first before starting the preparation. Or plan further, do a brainstorming about what's gonna be. You can also consider the following tips:
- Product alignment - make sure you talk directly about the product
- Style and Duration - make clear if the video you're making is an overview video or a tutorial. Consider how long its going to run.
- Script and Storyboards - Hire the exact talent to make the script and voiceover and of course, plan out a previsualization tools.
- Wardrove - Either you wear casual or business attire, both works.
- setting up for the shoot
- Screenshots
- Animatics
- Animation
- Final Delivery - If the demo is going out on youtube or in powerpoint presentation.
Check out the link source for the video for more details.

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