Is it worth upgrading my IPHONE to the New 5S or 5C Model

Anyone upgrading their phone to the new IPHONE. If so let me know why as I am not sure if I should

Answer #1

Well, I’ve talked to a couple people who are happy with the 4S that they have and don’t intend to upgrade.

I guess it’s a matter of personal preference and if you think you will need / use the extra bells and whistles the 5S likely has.

Sometimes newer isn’t always better as in the case with the phone I have that is out of production now (not an Iphone) I don’t like the newer upgraded one at all so I actually found a new older version (like mine) on amazon and bought it as a backup. However, I’m a “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” kind of guy.

Answer #2

I just realized my answer probably wasn’t at all helpful. I’m gonna text a guy who always gets the latest and greatest and I’m sure he has the new one…..I’ll ask him if he’s glad he did and get back with ya

Answer #3

Ok, he said he hasn’t got it yet but will very soon, and the only reason for it is that he’s had the 4 for 3 years and it’s starting to crap out on him, otherwise he said he wouldn’t have worried about it…………..I was shocked. So I guess it’s a “have to” thing for him………….Now this is how I roll………why pay for something that you don’t really need? The companies constantly change their products and pay for advertising to keep the revenue rolling in. Doesn’t really mean it that much better. I have a military style rugged phone that the “upgrade” for just sucked. So, I bought one of the old style on amazon dirt cheap to have on hand when this one finally craps out…………that’s just me.

Answer #4

I agree with onemandog, Apple just comes out with new products and uses a bunch of advertising techniques to target those that really think the newer version is that much better. If you have a perfectly good working phone, I would stick with it. I have an iPhone 4S and it works just fine. When the iPhone 5 came out I didn’t really care. I had a perfectly good working phone and I didn’t need to pay an extra hundred dollars so I could get a longer screen. Who cares? By the time the new iPhone 5S or 5C or whatever comes out, they’ll already be setting a date for the next iPhone. It’s not worth the money trying to keep up with “the next best thing”.

Answer #5

I agree with Onemandog, and Iffy. I have a few friends who got the iPhone 5 just a few weeks ago, and now they’re whining about wanting an iPhone 5S. I’m perfectly happy with my iPhone 5. It works perfectly fine, and i got it just around a month ago. The features are all similar, and you can just get the iOS 7 in your phone, so the iOS shouldn’t matter much. In my opinion, as long as it works, and it’s not a Need, and just a Want, I don’t think you should get the iPhone 5S. Especially, since Apple comes out with new prodducts every few months or so, and trying to keep up with the tech would be a waste of money. xD But hey, I’m just a 15 year old, with my own theories :P haha Also, I would never be able to ask my parents to get me a new phone. o.o It’d be too much. THough I don’t know what they’d say, I’d feel embarrassed asking them for a new phone when i have a perfectly well working phone already. lol :P

So yeah o.o I dont think you should get the iPhone 5S unless you absolutely need it.

Answer #6

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