Which is worse - man made disasters or natural disasters?

Answer #1

natural disasters i think

Answer #2

Natural disasters. Man made can be stopped, natural sometimes can’t.

Answer #3

natural disasters cuz we hav no control over it which is scary

Answer #4

I think man made disaster because we know we caused it which in turn means it was preventable.

Answer #5

Just like that Smokey the Bear commercial, “Only you can prevent wildfires”

Answer #6

Natural Disasters!

Answer #7

I think that they both can be quite devastating. No matter what the cause is, when people lose their homes or lives, they or their family will be permanently impacted by it. Neither is less worse, to me.

Answer #8

Man made- far worse! Cuz then, you have someone to blame.

Answer #9

good answer

Answer #10

They kinda both fall in the same Catagory.. idk. Man-made o.O

Answer #11

I think man made disasters are the worse. They may not be as bad, but there worse because we did it.

Answer #12

Man made disasters, lets think about an atomic bomb for a minute and just what exactly it’s capable of. This compared to, let’s say, an avalanche or an earth quake, just doesn’t do justice. Man made if far worse, at least natural disasters have some level of ‘return” so to speak.

Answer #13

Natural disasters. If the sun explodes, we’re toast. But manmade disasters really suck because they will happen NOW, the sun won’t explode for billions of years, so let’s stop the manmade disasters NOW!

Answer #14

Man made disaster are usually worse. Natural disasters are usually localized and affect a limited area (s). Manmade disasters have the potential to be globally devastating like Aids, insecticide resistant weeds, clear cutting rainforests, over use of fossilized fuels.

Answer #15

both r bad but man made is worse

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