Why does paper have to be made from wood?

Why does paper have to be made from wood? Cutting down beautiful stunning trees that have grown there for hundreds of years that belong to nature, its disgusting escpcialy when people dont recycle.. And if people are recycling then why the hell are trees still being cut down, its so selfish what man kind wud do for money.

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anyways, I think its ridiculous. they should use recycled paper to make new paper, not trees. its pretty much the same, I always get recycled paper or the banana paper:)

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eeeh…not sure if I’ld want to use something made out of a creatures dung… I think UI”ld just stick with recycles paper

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Paper in fact can be made from a wide variety of materials. Currently wood pulp is the cheapest fiber that can be made into paper so it is the only one used in large quantities. Cotton, linen, hemp, and kenaf have all been made into paper as well.

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No need to get upset nevets

Actually, there are many places that grow trees just for the paper industry..they cut them down and re-plant them so that our natural wild forests don’t have to be disturbed

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considering what it takes to make it out of papyrus - that would also prove a little expensive :-)

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It’s a little difficult to make it out of rock, and plastic is too expensive

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I get exactly what you mean. like the ancient egytians used Papyrus and that was fine but then people just decided to use wood. sillyness

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I think bamboo is a viable alternative to regular large trees since they grow very fast.

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to the anonymous one,when they plant trees after cutting them down, it takes a long time for the trees to grown to a stage when they’ll be cutdown again, and these trees are the less expensive ones that arent as ‘great’. I forget what its called, but in geography I learned this and its when they cut down a large area of trees and plant crappier ones in the positions. while they go and cutdown more spots

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actually nevet, there are endangered species of tree. Specially in the rainforest which is being deforest little by little every year, though not really for paper, for livestock & farming. What people don’t get is when the tree is uprooted it lifts up the soil, & it’s good for a few years till it turns to clay & then the cycle repeats.

& actually, money is not made from trees, it’s a type of fabric, so yes paper can be made from different materials. & there are some recycled papers you can bye at the stores, though not as much as brand spanking new ones, isn’t it a shame.

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First there isn’t any other choice the second thing if we didn’t cut trees then we will not have papers which means we don’t have books which that means also we will be uneducated people and will be lived like 100 years back. And as you said there is recycling, don’t just see things from one side and every time just try to compare between the positive and negative then see which is the most positive or negative then make your choice or opinion.

Answer #13

it has to because it allows you to save trees and to help you write on it with a pencil without the paper ripping or tearing apart.

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There’s also a zoo that sells paper and other paper-related materials made out of elephant poop :)

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hmmm interesting.

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