When the earthquake hit Haiti,it made me very sad?

When the Earthquake hit Haiti,it made me very sad because off the people that live their and have too go thou and dael with the Earthquake or suffering very badly.And I wish their was away that I can help them over there but I don’t have the needs or the money too go over their thou.If youll guys have the needs too go to Haiti would youll help too?

Answer #1

Yes my goodness I wish I could do something, its so sad that something so awful could happen to inoccent people, I feel terrible for them. I do wish there was a way to give them more help. I am trying to donate as much as I can. R.I.P to any that lost their lives in this tragic natural disaster.

Answer #2

I wish I could go over there and help. but I cant. : ( it makes me very upset.

Answer #3

Me too thou,my friend.

Answer #4

If I could I would. I was able to donate $10 to the Red Cross through texting, but I wish I could do more to help.

Answer #5

im sorry to say but no I wouldnt…

mother earth can be a right biatch and we are now used to her

disatser happens everyday and im more concerned about the helpless people in my own country

Answer #6

Yes I would and have…you can always offer your prayers to show support.

Answer #7

yes I would. I know how it feel to be down on your luck. it not a place you want to stay at.

Answer #8

I’m already helping actually, well my school is. I go to a Catholic school so they are very supportive of Caritas Australia who are helping Haiti and yeah.

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