Why is it that there are so many disasters in my country?

Earthquakes,tidal waves,volcano eruptions everywhere.Should I get out of this country and move into somewhere?

Answer #1

honestly yeah..u should move..i never experienced any of those

Answer #2

In the world a lot of things takes place we just need to pray about it for things to change.

Answer #3

Unfortunately, it’s hard to get away from natural disasters, no matter where you move. I live in Tornado Alley, so maybe I could move west. Unfortunately they have earthquakes there. To the east are blizzards and to the south are hurricanes. Honestly, I don’t know many places that are completely disaster-free. :(

Answer #4

Its because volcanoes in your country are among the most active of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Pacific ring of fire is an area where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

Answer #5

And by the way, i heard before that if you are in the area of pacific ring of fire there are volcanoes under the ocean and its eruption causes tidal waves/ tsunamis.

Answer #6

Yes,your totally right!and unfortunately I’m in the area of pacific ring of fire :/ and as you know right now,here,there are (umm about) 19 active volcanoes and that’s including the volcanoes under the ocean.So that’s what I’m scared of :/

Answer #7

yep. i watched it on the news.. its your choice to move.. disaster is everywhere..

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