Whats more worse for the environment?

Glass or plastic? stupid question I know, just wondering.

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Answer #2

plastic there is FAR MORE plastic in the world then there is glass plastic from plastic bags to almost everything uesed to package things like movies, and food

Answer #3

Ideally we would not throw away either. The best thing would be to reuse our bottles. When I was a lad pop bottles were reused. They were made of heavy glass and used the kind of crown that required an opener. They could be reused indefinitely.

At a certain point it became cheaper for beverage companies to sell pop in cheap non-reusable bottles since they did not have to include the indirect cost of disposal into their product.

The production and transportation of glass bottles probably has a larger carbon footprint than plastic but plastic bottles are less likely to be recycled. Beverages in glass bottles have a longer shelf life so they are less likely to end up entirely as waste. Glass is made mainly from sand while plastic is made from petroleum and toxic chemicals. More chemical waste probably comes from plastic bottle production.

The best solution would be to minimize our use of all one time containers regardless of their material.

I do my part. Since I brew my own beer I reuse my bottled over and over again.

Answer #4

Plastic. Plasitic can be recycled only so many times, and glass is more natural.

Answer #5

plastic…to be short about it.

Answer #6

Glass is made from silica… a naturally occuring substance… So I guess plastic is worse for the environment.

But they can BOTH be recycled.

Answer #7

Plastic, it takes a lot longer to decompose … well glass is a liquid … and hmm actually thats really tough, but I still think that it’s plastic

Answer #8

Bad in what way? The waste it produces? Production waste? Or as in garbage?

Answer #9

I think plastic

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