I want to be more earthy I cant recycle yet but I will be soon what are some thing that I can do besides that I do a couple of things but I want to know some small things I can fit into my routine, Thnx:]

Answer #1

Turn off your lights, if your not using something that is pulged in and works soon as you plug it in ( Cell Phone Charger ) then unplug it , Buy Thos light bulbs that are curly, Ps If my picture shows up I didnt mean to put it up lol… sry I pressed something.. :S

Answer #2

buy products at the store that was made out of recycled things, sounds gross but just like any of the other products, don’t run water while you are brushing your teeth and turn off lights when someone’s not using the room : D

Answer #3

Try not to waste a lot of water

Answer #4

turn off things by the powerpoint dont leave them on things like standy, as it still wastes power and energy turn off lights when not using them buy products with little packaging, as it all ends up at the landfill anyway…or in the streets reuse items that you can instead of plastic bags switch to those cloth bags they can be green ones but they also come in every other colour as well you can use these over and over again while shopping and to carry other things in

Answer #5

Tell others to help out… and it coul spread to the whole community… uhhh yeah don’t use a lot of water…turn off your lights when you leave the room… just little things help

Answer #6

Never litter. Buy products that use as little packaging as possible. Reuse everyday items whenever possible. Walk instead of getting a ride. Turn out lights when you are not using them.

Answer #7

Recycle items as much as possible, reuse everyday items like boxes, plastic containers and wood items. Buy the reuseable bags for shopping at the supermarket and other stores. Buy items that have less plastic bags and packaging as possible. Oh buy your vegetables and fruit loose rather than in the ready made packets. Turn off your lights when not in use like others said and never leave things on standby like a dvd player, turn off the plug switches and unplug items not in use. Go out more, meaning dont watch too much tv and use the pc as it uses energy polluting the planet with CO2. Try to ride a bike or walk places more often unless it isnt possible of course. Save unused water from something for watering plants in your garden or for cleaning the car. Try to have quick showers more often than a bath and if you have a bath use as less water as possible. Try to use natural energy like heating from the sun during the day if you have a conservatory instead of turning on the heating. Or invest in solar planels for your house to get energy from the sun. Dont leave things on for long periods of time and try to have less electrical items in your house or dont use them too often if possible. Dont buy too much food when at the supermarket as it is best to think about how much you will eat and how much you need. Also always check sell by dates to see how long food and drink lasts before it goes off, as it bad for the environment to waste food from not eating it. Recycle food waste like peelings and egg shells, have a compost to recycle it all. Try to save water with not leaving the taps running as well.

Answer #8

well you can buy those reusable shopping bags and take them everytime you go shopping no matter where and you wont have to waste plastic or paper bags…thats what I started to do and actually it’s working out reall well!

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