My dad refuses to recycle paper even though we recycle cans??

Okay my father an I recycle aluminum cans but he refuses to recycle paper The reason I want to recycle the paper is because my father delivers the austin-american statesman and he just throws out the extra papers And its a lot of paper
What can I do to talk him into recycling paper And the ironic thing is he works right next to the recycling plant

Answer #1

OKAY and I’ll say it really fast he usually agrees when he has no idea what I’m talking about =^.^= thank you!!! and if anyone has some more advice in case that doesn’t work it would be very welcomed

Answer #2

Tell him that if you dont recycle paper it wont be reused and the demand will go higher. becuase of that trees will be cut. wiht less trees it means that we will get less oxygen becuase they breathe out oxygen wihtout oxygen humans will die. so if you just recycle paper you could save a few trees at a time and global warming may stop. if tempatures increase polar caps will melt, animals will go extinct and worst of all, the earth will be flooded. so even a small difference can change the earth. so you should recycle paper. tell that to your dad.

Answer #3

Is the paper recycling place close, or is it the same place as the cans or do you have it picked up from your home?

Paper can be a nuiscance to recycle if you have to load it up and drive it miles away. Then you are using all that gas which can possibly pollute even worse than throwing paper away,

Answer #4

I would just tell your dad to stop being an idiot and recycle the paper. better yet, why dont you recycle it for him; that may motivate him to do it himself.

Answer #5

say why dont you just rip my heart out and throw it away? lol jk but like just take the papers and use then forhomework or somethin ginstead

Answer #6

see I think that your dad needs to open his eyes and become a better man. If he doesnt recycle ppaper than our landfills will fill up and it takes a really long time to decompose. Tell your dad to follow the three “r’s” Reuse. Reduce. and Recycle.

Answer #7

well just talk to him and ask him why he dusnt think its a gd idea. persuade him be telling him all the benifits it has and how it wont take much time or money. also tell him what culd happen if evrybody decided not to recycle. if this dusnt work you culd try recycling it yourself, hope this helps(: xo

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