How do I become more 'green'?

I have made a new years resolution to be more ‘green’… environmentally friendly… etc…I need ideas/steps to achieve it. Any suggestions are welcome. thanks

Answer #1

Go lacto-ovo vegetarian/ovo vegetarian. Dairy farming and the meat industry are both very bad for the environment. The processing plants produce so much green house gases, and cows also do. An overpopulation of cows means too much polution. Without a meat industry, much polution would be stopped. Other things like green light bulbs, solar energy etc. are good as well. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, turn the TV/CD player off when you don’t need it, and all that kind of stuff. Oh, and remember to plant trees :D

~AnimalInsanity x

Answer #2

You must think like a plant

Answer #3

-recycle paper and glass/metal -donate or sell old clothes, furniture, etc. -use re-usable bags for your grocery shopping -use dishrags instead of paper towels -try to avoid using styrofoam plates -do your laundry with cold water, and use a clothesline at least some of the time if you can -turn off electronics when you aren’t using them -use environmentally friendly cleaning products -walk or bike when you can instead of driving -keep the heat or air conditioning a little lower (wear a hoodie or something)

Good for you and good luck!! :)

Answer #4

-recycle anything you can -try to reuse thinsg you might otherwise throw out -buy more energy efficient lightglobes -try to limit the waste you throw in the rubbishh dump by buying foods with little packaging

Answer #5

-Don’t drive as much, walk more. -turn off the lights where you don’t use them. -turn off computers,tv,etc when not using them. -Use a blanket when it’s cold, and save the heat. -Get a bucket full of water and wash dishes in there, not the tap water, (saves water) you can even google for more info. on how to be green =)

Answer #6

There is a lot o ways, donating close that you don’t use instead of troing it away recyceling, Disconecting things that use electrecity when you are done using them, plant more trees so it can help the air… and all


Answer #7

Recylce more.. Walk instead of driving.. re-use plastic bags etc.. collect rain water in a jug to water plants instead of using the tap.. wash the car when its raining out .. Xo:)

Answer #8

Anything that cuts down on energy use is good. Drying machines use a lot of electricity, so consider hanging your clothes out to dry if possible.

Reuse stuff. Bring your own bag(s) to the grocery store rather than using the disposable plastic sacks they usually offer. By a reusable water bottle or buy bottles than can be recycled.

Having lived in a couple developing countries and seen their fresh water situations, I’m a big believer in conserving water. Think about how you use water every day…washing your car, showering, flushing the toilet, etc. Try to cut down on some of those activities and eliminate others.

Try to consume more locally produced food, and avoid buying as much packaged food from the grocery stores.

Those are a few simple things. Good luck!

Answer #9

—If you drive: a. Get a car with high MPG and stickshift. b. Don’t brake hard or accelerate fast. Saves your brakes (resources) and gas (smooth accelerating). c. Drive less, or not at all, and use public transit. —Wait until your sink is full of dishes; don’t wash each thing all the time. —Save your indoor lights, and utilize open windows/blinds as much as possible.

You can also check out the Care2 website. ;) And wear green clothes! ^_^ lol.

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