If a tree falls down in the woods,

If a tree falls down in the woods, does it make a sound? I wont to no about what you think about this question, I’ve asked people and they say it doesn’t but I think it does.

Answer #1

There is no scientific evidence to support that it doesn’t make a sound, so it must.

Answer #2

I’ve always thought it was the tree asking the question.

IF I live and die and nobody knows it, did my life count?

Answer #3

im learing about sound waves in school now, and yes, it makes a sound, but if there isnt an ear to catch to sound waves, the waves produced by the tree just float off into nowhere.

I believe it makes a sound. :)

Answer #4

Well… It’s not really a question of scientific evidence or sound waves. It’s a philosophical analogy.

Answer #5

yes, it makes a sound. I wish people would stop asking.

Answer #6

It creates sound waves, but unless there is an ear to convert those waves into sound, it makes no noise.

How much sound do you think there is in space? It’s pretty quiet up there since the atmosphere in space does not allow sound waves to travel. Without air, there can be no vibration, hence no sound.

Here on earth, we have air, which allows sound waves to travel. Nothing on earth makes “sound” - it’s the vibration of the air that causes you to hear sound in your ears.

Answer #7

it does make a sound but you only hear it if your closer either 2 hear it like a couple of metres or something

Answer #8

Of course it makes sound…but it takes a person to be there to report that it did…


Answer #9

I no it does, I just wonted to no what other people thought, because this person I new seems to think that if no ones there to here it it doesnt make a sound.lol

Answer #10

Thanks, inchibanarky and phrannie.

Actually, that’s an age-old question, a philsophy classic. Probably been around ever since mediaeval times, but was made most famous by Bishop George Berkeley. There’s a longer presentation at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_a_tree_falls_in_a_forest

Answer #11

No it doesn’t - however, it is believed to be true that if a man is standing in the middle of the woods, states an opinion…he is still wrong.

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