What are some good ways to help the environment for day-to-day sort of stuff?

like helping he environment while doing my normal routines like going to school, etc?

Answer #1

On the way to school, if you walk or ride your bike… pick up litter off the sidewalk and the grass areas on the sides of the road. If you don’t walk, maybe you could start… walking or riding a bike is way better for the environment than taking the bus or driving a car. Also, simply don’t litter. Trow trash away, and put anything that can be recycled in a recycling bin.

Answer #2
  • use stairs instead of elevators whenever possible. Saves energy and improves your fitness.
  • switch off all your electrical devices instead of using standby. Saves energy.
  • recycle

You can do a lot by buying the right things. Ask your parents to…

  • boycott things that are especially bad for the environment like fish caught with trawl nets or furniture made of rain forest woods.
  • be careful about which cleaning agents you use. Buy biodegradable ones.
  • don’t buy things with superfluous packing material.
Answer #3

There are so many ways students can do to help the environment. From the small things are like what RSOE says. And the bigger ways are by joining environment organization. If you have this group at school you and your friends can start educating other students not to litter, to use less things made of plastic. You can also start it from your family the importance of having clean environments. People in your family can do same thing to their friends. GOOD LUCK, GREAT BOY!!!!

Answer #4

You could start a compost pile. All of the material you put in it, could be out there filling up our landfills. When you go to the grocery store, use reusable bags. Buy rechargable batteries. Use washable plates rather than paper-plates, and start using hand towels rather than papertowels. :)

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