How come global warming is so popular?

How come global warming is so popular? I know allot of people believe in it. But, in my opinion, global warming is another environmental issue. I won’t judge whether I believe in it or not. I would just like your thoughts on this subject. I’ll respect everyone’s opinions on this.

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Global Warming is important because it’s something that’s slowly going to kill us over time. The Ice caps are melting so the arctic animals are losing their homes therefore becoming an endangered species which would make them at risk for extinction. If animals die off it won’t balance the food web creating a disaster. The ozone layer is being destroyed due to harmful gases/pollution which will potentially kill us with the sun’s rays being directed at the earth. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe Global Warming will kill us if nothing is done to stop this effect towards the earth. This video inspired me… A helpful site…

Always carpool if you can to lessen the amounts of gases being released into the air and try to reuse as many objects as possible. (Some factories burn garbage to get rid of it’s presence) Please join the fight to save the earth! We are lucky enough to have the privilege to live on such a beautiful planet; we have to fight for the sake of the earth.

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-Global warming is true and it causes price inflation. -And when prices soar, it never goes down -Affects economy a lot -And affects nation around the world

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ha ha leslie.. wake up.. Google search Al gore global warming, get his movie.. you will be shocked..and no it is not the sky is falling syndrome.. it is fact.. best you head the plannets warning.. Young Jizzy seems to be naieve.. best he watches the movie to.. the movie is a documentry.. that will answer all your questions and give you answers you never even thought of asking

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I think it’s hard to have an “opinion” about global warming these days. It’s not like it’s a matter of personal preference…sort of like, “I like this band better than that one.” This requires a judgment based on the evidence. For an dispassionate layman, there’s not much room to conclude anything other than global warming is real and that it is a result of human activity.

Answer #5

because your life continuing and children life its popular because its areal issue see im an enviromental freak and gbl is real ice caps are melting because of all c02 and infored staying inside the planet your killing planet just by flushing the toilet you may not know much but the whole point is everything that cannot breathe under water will DIE even things under wter will DIE we wont turn into mermaid and create underwater mermaid land if its possible maybe maybe not but we will DIE DIE DIE the whole point why its so popular is we will DIE

Answer #6

I feel that global warming is an environmental concern. I also feel that humanity can do about as much to stop it as we could stop tidal forces.

Geologic history shows that the planet goes through warming and cooling cycles every few millenia. We probably helped accelerate the cycle, but not in the way most people believe (carbon). Industrial livestock production in the United States alone is responsible for more greenhouse gas production than the carbon emissions of the entire planet. Combine that with factory farms in China, the EU, Russia, etc. (Methane and Nitrous Oxide). Does this add up to even close to all volcanic activity on a yearly basis? No. Does all of it since the dawn of man add up to natural activity in the same time? Again, no.

Can we “save the planet”? No. Humanity couldn’t destroy the planet in the first place. In order to be able to save something you have to be able to let it die in the first place. The planet Earth is not going anywhere. It will continue to support life up until the Sun begins to expand in 4 billion years. Will that life be Human? Maybe not.

Can we save ourselves? Certainly. Let’s go with the doomsday scenario of Al Gore and others. The oceans rise 20 meters. That raises global sea level by 65 feet. How does that affect wheat farmers in Montana? A longer growing season and more rain. How about ranchers in Kansas? Again, milder winters, more rain. How about herders in Mongolia? Humanity will continue to exist. Society will adapt, as always, and humanity will continue until something really dangerous comes along and wipes us out.

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Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!       It’s “the sky is falling” syndrome. People fear that that they don’t understand and tend to follow those with theories of accountability.

Global warming may be a reality (although here in Alaska we’ve just had one of the coldest summers we’ve had in years) but it is not caused by man. It is a natural cycle that the earth goes through every few thousand years.

The real problem isn’t the slight warming in temperature, although that may cause some coastal flooding, but that global warming usually leads, in a very few years (10 to 30), to global cooling leading to an ice-age.

The earth has been warming since the end of the last ice-age, naturally. Man’s contribution to global warming is not very significant. The worlds volcanoes, forest fires and natural expulsion of gases from the oceans are the most significant contributors.

The above is my humble opinion based upon information I have come across during the past couple of years. You can Google the subject and find all kinds of opinions on the subject.

Answer #8

because its happening with all the pollution and crap that humans put into the earth and the air, the enviroment is obviously going to become affected its not just a nature problem, its a human problem and its something that if isnt stoped or at least slowed down, will affect not only the enviroment, but everything that relies on it to live

Answer #9

because a lot of people are dumbasses and beleeve in crap that is fakeazz sh it

Answer #10

its real its happened before and I wil happen again and once the poles switch you guys will be moaning about global cooling because our magnetic field will be getting stronger making the suns heat go down and so it will peak whenever our poles are going to switch pretty soon

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