Who killed The Electric Car

im doing an assignment on who I think killed the electric car. im really indecisive and wondering if anyone has their own opinion on who it truely was and why??

Answer #1

The fundamental problem with alternatives to gasoline automobiles is cost. Although most people complain about the relatively high cost at the pump these days, gasoline remains the cheapest way to power a vehicle. Every other alternative is much more expensive and consumers have been reluctant to embrace the higher cost alternatives.

The fundamental laws of physics dictate that that it takes a certain amount of energy to move a given weight some distance at some speed. Fuel is nothing more than a medium to provide this energy–the problem is making energy portable. When we change energy from one form to another, there are losses in the process that add to the cost–another law of physics.

Electricity is probably one of the most costly energy forms we have because it doesn’t exist naturally, it is a converted form made by burning coal or other material. Also, this indirectly adds to the enviornmental concerns.

At the present time, given our current level of technology, gasoline produces more energy at less overall cost. This is why so little progress has been made in the search for alternatives. The public simply isn’t terribly interested in picking up the tab.

The good news is that as prices of gasoline continue to rise, people feel better about paying these higher alternative prices and will happily start choosing these new technologies–which will create new businesses and jobs funded by the higher prices. Its a slow process though, you have to convince people they really need to pay more than they have been for what they’ve been used to getting. That, of course, is the goal of the alternative energy advocates who seek to profit from it. From what I read in the blogs, they seem to be acheiving some success with it. Got it?

Answer #2

I think it was society, they couldn’t keep producing it if there wasn’t any demand for it, well it wasn’t verry productive or usefull so it had to go out, maybe one day probably not anytime soon they’ll come up with one that works.

Answer #3

I personally believed it was General Motors (GM) because they are the ones who chose to destroy them and wouldn’t allow any of them on the streets anymore. In the film they go to the owner of the last one’s house and take his car to destroy it. Thats nobodies fault except GM. Why would anyone else want the very last one destroyed?

Answer #4

it was definetly GMC. they chose to destroy it and never make it again. now no one is able to make another like it for a long time.

Answer #5

have you seen the documentary, I believe entitled the same “who killed the electric car” it’s an HBO special. The government actually had a lot to do with it, from what I understand.

Answer #6

probably the gov., they did cause they thought it would lose sales in their economy. That’s all I really know, hoped it helped:)

Answer #7

yeah see thats who I was going to write about

thank you:]

Answer #8

I did cause it looked funy, just joking I’ve no idea.

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