What is a tsunami?

I have to do a essay on tsunami that has to be 2 pages longg. Kill meh ;d or just answer some of these questions pleasee.!

What is a tsunami?

What an example of a tsunami event. The location, date, death tol, efffects on types of resources, and the recovery process for that event.

How does a tsunami affect human, animal, and plant life I nthe enviornment?

How it affects land forms and climate.

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Answer #1

Here’s an article I found that explains some key points.

The word tsunami is Japanese, and it means ‘harbour wave’.

A tsunami is a huge volume of moving seawater and has nothing to do with tides although it is sometimes mistakenly called a tidal wave.

These giant waves can travel for thousands of miles across the sea and still create a lethal energy that destroys buildings, trees, wildlife and people.

If you throw a stone in a pond it will create a series of ripples. A tsunami is just like those ripples but the disturbance that sets them moving is much greater than a small stone. It can be triggered an undersea earthquake, landslide or volcanic eruption.

The most frequent tsunami-maker is the buckling of the seafloor caused by an undersea earthquake. Large volumes of seawater are displaced creating a tsunami.

Where do these undersea earthquakes occur?

The earth is made up of several pieces of hard rock that fit together a bit like a jigsaw. These are called tectonic plates, and they move very slowly. Oceanic plates are denser/heavier than continental plates and so they slide under the continental plates. Where this happens it is called a subduction zone. There are subduction zones off Chile, Nicaragua, Mexico and Indonesia. These areas are prone to earthquakes, which happen when the plates suddenly move against each other.

What other things could create a tsunami?

Sometimes when an ocean island collapse it causes a huge displacement of water which can also create a tsunami. Very rarely, a tsunami can be created by a giant meteor hitting the ocean!

In deep water tsunami waves can reach speeds of 500mph, almost fast enough to keep pace with a jet airplane. The waves spread out with hundreds of miles between wave crests that may be just a few feet high.

In deep water, the waves spread out with hundreds of miles between wave crests that may be just a few feet high. A tsunami wave also extends thousands of feet deep into the ocean.

As a tsunami reaches the shore it gradually slows down and increases in height.

The Pacific Ocean experiences more tsunamis than anywhere else in the world. Tsunamis have also occurred in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas, and the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. (this are is also called the PACIFIC RING OF FIRE…the most earquakes occur here.)

Answer #2

A tsunami in an earthquake that usually happens underwater.

An example is the one that happened in Thailand in December 2004.

& I’m not sure about the rest! Sorry. Good luck though!

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You realize that right this second you’re on the internet, right? Is it so freaking difficult to Google “Tsunami” and learn something?

Here’s a useful link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsunami

Answer #4

well like the other person said its a wave basically and if you google it or something I am sure you can find a bunch of info or go to dictionary.com for the definition and then look them up online! hopes this helps !

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Jeez, havn’t you ever heard of google, a dictionary!!! jeez! and also if you need help with homework go to www.homeworkhelper.com it starts at 4p.m. and ends at like 11 p.m. there are free tutors that will help you (it helps a lot!) but it is free and they have it for everygrade!! goodluck!!

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what ez8o5 said. lol one time, a couple was filming the ocean waves and all of a sudden, a huge tsunamai came and they tried to warn the little boy, but when he turned around, it was to late. :( and one time, a girl was at the ocean and noticed something weird about the waves and then warned everyone and everyone got a long ways away. later, a tsunamai came. everyone was safe. that ones happy! :) it kills animals and humans and ruins the enviornment by washing away plants and stuff.
I really hope this helps!!! good luck! tell me how you do please! I would love to know how good you did! thanks! :D

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Answer #8

a few years ago in december 2005 in indonesia or india or tiland there was a tsunami look that up

Answer #9

a tsunami is a tidal wave, basically an earthquake under water. there was a really huge one in asia like 7 years ago

Answer #10

Just google tsunami. Trust me I once had to do a report on tsunamis for Oceanography.

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