What problems do you think will arise due to the decline in the bee population?

As the climate gets warmer, the bee population gets lower…what kind of a chain effect do you think this will have?

Answer #1

It wont be as pretty or sweet Like you. :) Come on! You have seen the Bee Movie. Everything turns brown and John Goodman gets stung in the A$$. :)

Answer #2

Nobody really knows for certain if this is due to climate change, increased use of pesticides (which many beekeepers report), or the destruction of bee habitats from development and increased farmland. There are studies pointing to all of these, and more. But, whatever the cause, the effects would be very bad. A large number of crops depend on bee pollination, as many as a third of all crops humans consume.

However, there are species of bee native to different parts of the world, and the honey bee is not native to the Americas. From what I’ve read, it’s hard to determine what the impact would be of the disappearance of a species of bee from an area it has to be imported to anyway.

Answer #3

Pollen for the flowers will decrese leaveing plants to find other sources of nutrients.

Answer #4

thy dont need pollen for nutrients.. thy need thy for reproduction, making new seeds.

Answer #5

thy dont need pollen for nutrients.. thy need thy for reproduction, making new seeds.

Answer #6
  1. less honey production
  2. less pollination
  3. less seed production
  4. less plants
  5. more global warming
  6. no more polar bears.. MORAL: dont kill bees
Answer #7

What i’ve personally noticed was that none of my fruits of vegetables ripened this year, I have no idea if this is because of the weather or the decline in bee’s.

Answer #8

what did the ghost say to the bee? boo-bee. less cross pollination, less tasty hunny. unhappy bee keepers. i love clover honey..

Answer #9

thz may b because of weather or lack of nutrients..

Answer #10

No more honey! Sorry it’s all I got.

Answer #11

The effect will be devastating to the farming industry, especially those dealing with flowering fruits and vegetables. The honey bee was imported from Europe to help American farmers increase their yield.

I get local honey from a local apiarist and he feels the decline is from commercial beekeepers who drive their tractor/trailer load of hives from one job to another without giving them any rest. He says bees will work amazingly hard for you but you have to give them a few months to rest and these commercial apiarists dont do that and the bees become stressed, prone to disease and their colonies collapse.

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