global warming

Im trying to get my school to believe in global warming and like recycle how do I get my prinipal in on it without making me look like an idiot or have all the attention?

Answer #1

global warming is happening its not a stupid myth, its real put over 6 billion people on a planet give overe half of them a crap give over half of them a house ect, all that is going to cause billions of tons of pollution a year and the planet doesnt majically make all this pollution disapear it stays here, and it affects everything living on this planet and I also watched wall.e, I found it to be a great movie, one of my favourites its very real too because if humans dont stop or slow down soon, that were were all headed as for yor question though if its something your pashionante about, just do it dont care about other people or about attention this isnt something your just doing for yourself your trying to do it for everyone your strying to make everyone aware of it and get them involved, which is good just ask your principle about your ideas and maybe even get your friends and other classmates to vote in favour of what you want to do the more people who surrport your idea, the more chance you have of getting it

Answer #2

global warming is a myth.. inconclusive evidence .. people have always been concerned w/ the world ending since the start of time but honestly do you think a few aluminum cans and a few plastic bags are gonna destroy a planet that has been around for 4.8 BILLION years

Answer #3

johnny boy go watch walle and you will c why I care so much

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