Why is every weather pattern these days blamed on global warming?

Although global warming is happening, not every region of the planet is experiencing it. Weather patterns are, and always have been, mostly regional.

So why is it that every storm, every tornado, every hurricane, at least SEEMS to be affiliated somehow with global warming, especially in the media? This winter has been longer, colder, and wetter than the past few years in several northern latitude countries, and this too somehow gets blamed on global warming even though it’s got nothing to do with it.

The science of global warming speaks for itself. Are we so worried about convincing people it’s real that we’re just going to start making up reasons why every weather peculiarity is brought on by it?

Answer #1

That’s a fair point, filletofspam. But not everyone in the court of public opinion IS a climate scientist, and can discern for themselves what is and is not truly caused by global climate change. I’ve seen some people “dumb down” global warming to convince the average layperson that it’s happening, and in the process people who think they have a grasp on it go around blaming the next heat wave on the evils of the modern consumer lifestyle without looking at a single weather chart. This is sloppy and irresponsible. I do agree that falsely accusing environmentalists of raising the global warming spectre is also irresponsible and unethical.

As for Hurricane Katrina, it is true that several scientists have said its severity was the result of higher sea surface temperatures caused by global warming. However, there is no consensus on this, and it actually proves my point. The media instantly began running stories, some of which stated outright that Katrina was caused by global warming, many by non-experts with an agenda. A lot of climatologists had to come on record and point out that such linkage was not verified, and there was evidence to suggest otherwise. Hurricanes frequency and severity follows a pattern, and from the mid 90s through today, our pattern more closely resembles the 50s and 60s, when there were also more and stronger storms.

Answer #2

Yes - there are those who actually consider it a religion - have bought into it wholesale and will tell you over and over ‘consensus’ ALL scientists agree !! - they don’t - many prominent opinions are ignored - gives them something or someone to believe in - no different from stubbing their toe…Bush’s Fault !!

Answer #3

This is a good question. I believe that Climate Change is real and a serious problem. But blaming every bit of unseasonal weather on it just gives fuel to the sceptics - there have always been freak weather conditions and they’re not all caused by human activity. We need good, honest science, not journalistic hype.

Answer #4

I’m not sure why global warming would have to do with climate change but, I don’t believe in global warming anyway. Only liberals would believe in something like that.

Answer #5

Al Gore first said that Global warming will cause more hurricanes then after we had a few years realtivly uneventful he went out and said that he ment to say it was less hurricanes. Well if a politician said it, then it must be true.

Answer #6

Because people aren’t willing to take blame for it. Things like; people leaving their engines running, smoking, etc. is in fact effecting the environment and thats causing a lot of changes in the earth. The things people are doing in their daily lives are causing this but most people don’t want to change so its just getting worse. People can stop this but it would involve more people willing to make the change and a lot of people just simply don’t care. Its sad really.

Answer #7

because co2 look it up im sorry

Answer #8

Then again not all weather problems are blamed on global warming.

When the Tsunami swept across Southern Asia the first comments about global warming came from skeptics along the lines, “just wait until environmentalists try to blame this on global warming.” Pretty soon I started to see spam about how Greenpeace had blamed global warming for the Tsunami. In fact Greenpeace never made any such pronouncement. Tsumanis are caused by things like underwater volcanos and tectonic shifts; any climate scientist knows this.

Hurricanes on the other hand are powered by warm water. Several scientists have pointed out that warmer gulf waters could have contributed to the sevarity of hurricane Katrina.

It isn’t necessary for environmentalists to make wreckless claims about global warming. If they don’t their opponents will just say that they did.

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