Global Warming: Good, Bad, Both?

Climate change is always happening, and it always has mixed results for human civilization. In Britain, the Romans were growing vineyards for wine production as far north as Hadrian’s Wall. That seems a bit absurd today, when you consider they can’t grow drinkable stuff several hundred miles south of that.

This question is mainly for those who have accepted the overwhelming evidence that global warming is happening, and that the trend is largely the result of human activity. I personally don’t believe this can be reversed, and that we will have to deal with the ramifications.

That leads, finally, to my question. What do you think will be the net impact of climate change? There will be some dire consequences, that’s for sure. But the Al Gore visions of apocalypse don’t tell the whole story. You can read some stuff (which I apparently can’t post in the body of the question) about global warming extending the growing season in the northern latitudes in Canada and Russia. It makes sense, when you consider the Medieval Warming Period enabled the Vikings to travel across previously impassable waterways. I’ve also read that certain species will benefit, like the species of starfish Pisaster ochraceus, which thrives from increased temperature and CO2 exposure in water.

Let me be clear: I’m NOT suggesting that global warming is this great thing and we should pollute away. I’m just trying to see what people really think. Will it be Al Gore-esque doom and gloom? Or will there be unexpected benefits?

Answer #1

Interesting that my response to this post and another one have disappeared.
Google : Global Warming Hoax and do some reading from some actual scientists, not just polititians with agendas.
We are in a cooling period right now, due to very low sunspot activity. Carbon dioxide is not even one of the main greenhouse gasses (water vapor has many times greater effect). Also, CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s plant food: increase the CO2 in the air and there is statistically significant greater yields in crops worldwide. It’s a hoax.

Answer #2

Global warming is real. Is as a result of climate change which is cause by human activities like combustion, vehicular emission, forest fires, volcanic eruption, etc. Well man should look 4 alternative ways like bio gas etc.

Answer #3

If global warming IS true, I want to know why this winter it was REALLY cold, often colder, I think we should be more concerned about a future coldfest.

Answer #4

global warning is good or bad this is the secondary, first you see the mr. algores an inconvenient truth documentry film that may give the idea

Answer #5

global warming is real and its just its happened in the past and once the poles switch you guys are going to be yelling about global ooling its going to freeze the planet for 10,000 years and then its going to be warming

Answer #6

My personal opinion on “Global Warming” is that it’s non existent. There’s nothing to worry about - we’re in the middle of an ice age, of course the ice is going to melt. But it’l be back in a couple million years just like the rest of the ice ages before… Life will adapt to the surroundings as time goes on so the human race won’t die out - it’s called survival of the fittest or something… I do think that the greenhouse gases are speeding the process up but it was going to happen anyway, there’s nothing to worry about. And it could probably all be slowed down if we cut down on a lot of things - like the government is trying to do now. The real worry (in my opinion) is what a friend of mine told me about the end of the world being on 23rd December 2010 or something. The Somalian calendar ends there. Now, it’s ridiculous to think that “Global Warming” could influence this when the Earth is warming so slowly. I just think a lot of people should calm down and stop freaking out over this. Maybe then they could think clearly of something intelligent to do that would help the “Global Warming” issue.

Answer #7

Just one volcano can pump in more pollution in a day then we could in a year. Al Gore spends $30,000 a year to power his 20 room home. Inconvienent truth containes scenes from “Day after tomorow”. The earth is warming, but one half of a degree in 100 years isn’t the end of the world. One side of the hemisphere is warming while the other is freezing at a record rate. Global warming is a hoax to justify higher taxes. Australia uses global warming to make money, 6k per child born and 1k a year. Global warming people even claim that carbon dioxide is pollution.

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