Why is logan rated r?

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because he made this piece of shit trology! It is the relationship in between the planets, stars, sun, moon and other celestial bodies. The position and movement of the planets decide our fate. Happiness, Sorrow, good and bad all is dependent upon their movement. Becoming astrologer is not easy because it is not easy to know about the planets and their effect on the east and the human bodies. Not only our lives but also other situations and the activities all dependent upon the astrology. The best astrologer in India is famous because he has very good knowledge about the astrology and its various sub-fields. Actually, astrology was invented to predict the future. We people are very curious to know about the future and it can only possible with the help of the astrology. A person can come to know about any aspect of their life either it is related to their love life, personal, familial, professional, social and many other aspects of the life.
Best astrology in India

There are many people those who are happy by getting predictions about their future. If there is any problem in the future then the best astrologer in India also gives the solution with which they can solve the problem by calming down the movement of those planets. Horoscope, vastu, numerology, palmistry, gemology, vashikaran and black magic are some of the services that he usually gives to his clients. All these services are very important and beneficial at some point of the time. Astrology also helps to bring the positivity in and around your life by removing all negativity. There are numerous problems those can be solved with the help of astrology some of them are Family issues, financial problems, love problems, business issues, property and legal cases, career and education and many more problems.All these problems can only be recognized by making the horoscope with the help of birth details. Horoscope is the basic and most important part of the astrology and it should be made very carefully. There are many people those who are very happy by getting their horoscope from the best astrologer in India as he also tells the solutions to resolve the various doshas.

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