Why the hell I can't delete photos?

I looked up questions on here that are similar to mine, regarding deleting photos. I tried to follow the answers but there is NO DELETE OPTION on my page! I tried to contact the team, but once I click send it lands me on a page that says there has been error and the team knows about it and will fix it. YET, I try again, and it’s the same darn message!

I came to a point where I considered deleting my account but guess what? It’s not allowing me to do that either. There’s no option ANYWHERE on my profile that allows me to delete the account.

Seriously, funadvice, this is really not fun and not very cool.

Answer #1

Click on your profile, click on your pic profile, fine the pic you want to delete, click on it, click on edit then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and there should be a delete option

Answer #2

I just deleted one of my own pics using those directions so just try those steps

Answer #3

I just tried it. And there is no delete option at the bottom of the screen…

Answer #4

That’s the bottom of the photo>edit page.

Answer #5

Im sorry your absolutely right. How long have you been a member? Maybe try going to the update where you posted the pic and try to delete the update

Answer #6


Answer #7

How long? Less than a month. And no, it isn’t working to try and delete the update… sighs this is driving me insane mainly because even the contact us not working. I want to delete the account altogether you know.. but as I said there is also no way I can do that. The irony is that I got this account in order to find some advice for my issues, it seems it has created more…

Answer #8

That’s crazy, there must be some glitches going on right now. The best I can say about the account is to post an actual update saying PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT. I will see if I can find out what the issue is

Answer #9

Oh, that sounds like a good idea. Thank you, a lot. I’ll try and see what will happen.

Answer #10

@my own hero, you can only delete it because you are an advisor. :/ I can do it too because I am an advisor. I remember htem saying that once we became advisors we would be able to edit and delete other member’s things, but I guess they never fixed that and we’re still only able to do that to our own.

Answer #11

Oh and @bunny lady, just message one of the admins, eric, ryan or colleen ludgate or do what myownhero said haha. But just so you know, according to them they are redoing or ‘relaunching’ the site? So it will have a whole new look and new updates and new everything soon apparently.

Answer #12

Oh yeah, duh, I keep forgetting being because I never have to delete anything and sometimes forget im an advisor lol

Answer #13

If that is the case, why in the world didn’t they MENTION that, when a person is starting an account??! Is it too difficult to add some USEFUL note for the new people here? This is rather annoying, really.

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