Why can't i sleep?

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Because your not tired

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It depends. Is this on a regulat basis? If it is so, just take some mediaction that you can directly get from the pharmacy, they'll help you sleep. If they don't work, go see a doctor.
If it's only tonight, drink green tea, or herb tea. Try listening to some music, or to the radio. Maybe you're nervous about something? Try counting endlessly.
Good luck.

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You or thinking about something that happend in the past. Or not comfortable in side your bed.

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There are many reasons for this. Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the most common causes for this problem. Also, I would suggest you to change your mattress if you are unable to sleep well. The mattress plays a great role in providing quality sleep. Try the best latex mattress from Top Natural Mattresses. I am sure it will be helpful for you. You can also go for meditation.

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