Why am i still scared?

Im 16 years old I had protected sex on May 21st thid was my last pill for birth control i took that night at 9 and had sex around 10 ... my last period was on May 17th over on the 20th on the 21st when I had sex we had a condom on and before he came he pulled out with the condom still on to cum so it wasnt in me and I was so paranoid he showed me the water test in the condom and we didnt see any holes the only thing that couldve go in me if there were a hole is pre cum but it didnt break so now its June 15th I woke up having bad cramps and got out of bed at 1am and blood flowed out alot and I had blood clots in it well the stomach virus has been going around so im not sure if me throwing up is that but I threw up 2 times and had diarrhea well on June 14th I had light cramps and when I wiped I had brownish red discharge then for the rest of that day i barely had anything but red discharge so I was so worried that was implantation bleeding that I took a pregnancy test from dollar general it was there brand and it came out negative but then ive had my breast sore for a week now they get like that around my peripd alot but now im just scared about waking up with heavy bleeding but I was throwing up and had diarrhea but the stomach bug has been going around and ive been around people with it but normally when i get it i throw up like 10 times not just 2 times....whats going on?

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Ask a doc, not wild strangers online that couldn't care less

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