Global warming

who beleives in this crap?

Answer #1

put over 6 billion people on a planet give half of them a car give half of them a house give half of them a job in a seperate buliding now obviously with all this crap comes billions of tons of pollution and our planet doesnt just make all that pollution majically dissapere it stays here and it affects the world we live in, and the things living in it

Answer #2

ide like to start by saying, you shouldn’t post nonsense questions like that here… dont make comments about subjects you know nothing about, im currently going to school for environmental chemistry. global warming is very real and its ignorant people like you who are making it happen faster. do your research before you go making people mad.

Answer #3

I don’t think its really an issue now, but I think it will be in the future.

Answer #4

I do. Our lakes and rivers are becoming depleated. Why do you think that is?

Answer #5

I’ve always believed it is simply a Climate Cycle - never believed the “sky is falling, the sky is falling” alarmist - I think it’s arrogant of man to think he is anywhere big enough to truly inflience nature, but many have ‘bought into’ eminent doom, we will warm only and will soon be underwater - we will see.

Answer #6



Jesus is Lord!!!

Answer #7

I believe in it, but it isn’t much of an isse right now. I think it will be in te future, and I think we should take bettter care of the planet, because we only get one.

If we ruin this, we’re screwed.

Answer #8

I belive it but I belive that it’s all our fault we need to take better care of the world

Answer #9

Its bull crap. Treehuggers are annoying. It is colder now than it was years ago. Nothing is changing in the world. Global warming is crap.

Answer #10

I do, for one. Now I don’t know your background, but when groups of the world’s top scientists, working under UN and other aspices, repeatedly find that there is such a thing as global warming - and that its effects are already being felt - I believe them.

Maybe your particular area hasn’t felt the impact yet. But - do you believe that the Earth is round, even if you haven’t seen it yourself from space? Sometimes it makes sense to trust what other people say.

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