What happened to global warming?

I live in a place where it almost never snows but this year and the past couple of years we have getting tons of snow and temperatures are at their all time lows so where is this global warming? shouldnt the earth be getting hotter not colder? Or is it that the Co2 gas is keeping cold in along with heat?

Answer #1

As polar ice melts it changes the density of the ocean water and this affects ocean currents. The changes in the flow of the Gulf Stream is one example.

Answer #2

Also since the atmosphere is so hot mother nature naturally tries to restore it, which would result in storms just trying to get the earth back to regular temperature.

Answer #3

If you’re so interested about global warming watch The day After Tomorrow, explains alot :)

Answer #4

You are confusing weather with climate.

Experts say it is dry in the desert. It rained in the desert the other day therefore the whole theory of deserts being dry is suspect.

Indeed current climate models predict that some places will get colder as weather patterns change but global warming is about the average global temperature increasing. People will still experience unseasonably cold weather sometimes.

Answer #5

The key in there that most people don’t see, to understand is that it’s “average global temperatures” that are increasing. http://funadvice.com/r/14skiplb6jj While it goes up and down during the year, the average is steadily rising.

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