why do we still litter.

we all have something against littering and dumping/ fly tippping etc, so why do we still do it?? it’s been driving me mad all afternoon since somebody told us about littering in assembly today.

Answer #1

People are lazy and ignorent about it.

Answer #2

Everyone litters at some point. The sad thing is a lot of what you throw away at the trash dump,if you do not have a trash truck that picks up your trash, does fall off along the roadways on the way to the landfills.

Answer #3

Ally!! Lol..

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Answer #5

people are lazy jerks that don’t care because it won’t affect THEM, it will supposedly only affect the following generations.

Answer #6

some people are just lazy

Answer #7

it is because of lazyness and because in some places bins cant be found like the woods or forest and there isnt enough around. Also because some people may feel their friends think their uncool for putting wrappers etc in the bin so they dont bother. As well as copying each other too, like if they do it why cant I. Also people like to rebel against things even if they know it is bad. They like the idea of doing what they like rather than listening to laws and rules that are for their own good.

Many also dont think that throwing things on the floor will affect the environment, they dont think they are doing any or much damage. So they dont think anything of it and repeat it again. Also some people think that why should they bother, when some people would be out of jobs like people that pick up the litter. It is just foolishness I say and stupid thinking in my opinion, there would be no need for a job like that if we kept the planet tidy and there would probably be better jobs instead.

Answer #8

Because to some the mentality is “it’ll breakdown eventually.” It doesn’t matter where it is, it’ll degrade. Only wish that was true.

At landfills they dump trash from certain days in certain areas. When the day is done they dump dirt on it. You’ll often notice the methane burner near the landfill, that’s a byproduct of the biodegrading process. Only thing is, it won’t biodegrade unless it’s under certain soils and such. Plastic, however, will NEVER degrade. Glass will take YEARS to degrade and so on and so forth down the line.

We (I say “We” because at one point in our life we litter) litter because it’s an easy disposal of the product.

Answer #9

I am so glad that any litter is disdainful to you. In my early life, we threw trash, tires and junk cars into rivers. The trash we had in our cars as we ate, smoked and drank were thrown onto the roadside. In the 1960’s an anti-litter campaign came about and laws were changed and we basically quit doing it.

Now some still do so and I hope you challenge them on it. At one time our streams and rivers were clogged with trash. Now they are clean because we quit it.

Singapore is an absolutely ‘beautiful’ city because there is no trash whatsoever. You will be jailed or caned for littering. Jakarta is a place that resembled the U.S in the 1950 when I grew up. Trash floating down the river, in the streets.

Stay after those who litter. In the 21st century, there is absolutely no reason for it.

Answer #10

ha. that drove me insane for about a week

but you have to face the reality that people will always littler you probobly did it once or twice and realize it is no big deal but if you want to make a difference, clean u[ litter if you see it

Answer #11

because not enough people believe in global warming and enviornmental issues. a lot of people believe it will all be fine, and if not they won’t be alive when everything goes bad.

Answer #12

Because some people don’t care or can’t find a bin! Personally I think there need to be more compost bins.

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