whaling...still going on...

guys and gals…I know this might not be a issue many of us think about…but whaling is still going on in the world. whales are hunted for their meat in vast quanities thru out the oceans…and many companies are not following the strict guidelines laid out…

reports came in recently about a mother and her calf hunted down in the Pacific from a Japanese whaling ship…(see picture) people, this is something we should be paying attention to…so many people forget this, because many veiw it as a outdated practice and assume this type of hunting has stopped…it hasn’t…

I just feel the more people who are aware of it, the better…

Answer #1

I understand that in some countries whaling is a vitale source of food…but there is a difference in hunting whales for food..then there’s over fishing…whale meat is not a main source of food in Japan anymore…fish, beef, pork and chikcen have all become easier food sources…whaling should not be banned completly, but certianly monitored more.

Japan recently sent whaling ships out into whale sanctuaries but greenpeace stepped in and apparently ended the hunt in those particular waters.

What worries me is that nobody is truly keeping track of the number of whales, nor the type of whales being killed…Japan also recently announced there decision to add the humpback whale to their list of “acceptable” whales to hunt…humpbacks are only just STARTING to make a comeback off the endangered species lists…

I am trying to get people more aware of the problem…as a vast whole most people are not aware of what’s going on in the oceans…and we have to start paying attention…

Answer #2

its sad that this is what the world has come to. If we keep this up then the world will become a lifless planet.

Answer #3

because deer are in far more abundance then whales are. I still think the hunt ing of wildlife in general is wrong…but the fact that many whaling companies are ignoring laws about their hunting rights is what’s bothering me.

Whales gives birth to a single baby and it takes many years to raise it. deer reproduce faster then that and are not hunted into extinction…whales are getting to that point…thats why its different…

Answer #4

well I LOVE all animals and hate hearing about that I havent forgot trust me it sux and I wish it would stop but we really cant do that but I think its wrong

Answer #5

who ever invented hunting is wrong killing an animal for food and survivial is one thing but killing for fun? =\

Answer #6

ooo I didnt know that. well yea thats problem then.

and I agree that hunting is wrong anyways

Answer #7

why is it any different than hunting deer?

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